Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hannibal Fogg and Tibetan Monks

From clues in the Hannibal Fogg monograph on Tibetan Monks I will be flying early next week to Delhi in India and then by train to Dehra Dun and by bus (?) to Mussoorie which until about two weeks ago I thought was in the USA! turns out it was a place Brit officials used to go in the hot summer to recover in the mountains while they were colonising Inja. anyway I shall be going hot on the trail of my role model (I wish) and hero Hannibal Fogg who reported meeting exiled Tibetan monks there. Even in his day they were driving tibetans from their homeland, but then, the 1900s, it was because of a widespread practice then frowned on; human hibernation. I kid you not. These monks were experts at reducing body temperature and even slowing their heartbeat right down. If I have a chance I will talk by phone to James Lings an expert on these matters, though he isn't answering my emails right now!!!

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